European school
All-day-school Joined lessons (Inclusive education) Autonomous school . nrw (Lower) secondary (comprehensive) school Gaußstr.2 D- 53121 Bonn Fone: 0049 228 777341 Fax: 0049 228 777344 418 pupils 43 teachers 2 social workers 1 secretary 2 caretakers (janitors) European school August-Macke-Schule is a European school and bearer of the European medal. August Macke-Schule is a European school in One World. We celebrate Europe and the One World on Europe Day. Europe/ One World means partnership and cooperation with other countries like Bosnia- Herzegovina, Poland, Uzbekistan, Finland, GB, Netherlands and Turkey. All-day-school All-day-school means lessons and activities up to 15.45h. Canteen and cafeterias ( one organized by pupils) are for ams pupils. The facilities of the active break ( 13:15h - 14:15h) offer a variety of relaxation and action like sport, judo and games. Inclusion At ams handicapped and non-handicapped pupils live and work together. There are forms of joined lessons instructed by regular and teachers for special needs. Autonomous school Independent schools are partners by contract with the federal state of North- Rhine-Westphalia, the Bertelsmann foundation and the city of Bonn or resp. other communities or areas. They have the opportunity to develop school life 47 and especially teaching methods and lessons by their own means and ideas. We administrate our own budget. School programme Since 1993 our school has focused on a special topic every year. The current slogan is Okziriont, which is a horizon between occident and orient. SOKL= means base or basics and stands for self-organized creative learning. It is a new subject to earn credits for portfolios (presentations, applications, rubrics, certificates). There are extended opportunities to choose languages. Optional subjects and language projects cover Bosnian, Italian, French, Mongolian, Chinese, Korean and Arabic for all. Portfolio Drama POLYFLOTT = Polyglott and easy-going School projects Current school projects are : Active Break German Plus Formal debate Sinus-transfer (maths, science, technology)